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Made In A Free World: Ghana

This is our first project supporting the rescue, rehabilitation, and reintegration of child slaves in the fishing industry. Due to the outstanding support of hundreds of people around the world, this project is now an on-going initiative. We are funding the rescue, rehabilitation, and reintegration one child at a time. Please consider making a donation and sharing this project with your friends and family!

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Here are other projects and campaigns you can participate in to end modern-day slavery.

Slavery Footprint

We asked the world one question, “How Many Slaves Work For You?”. We received an overwhelming response from every country on the planet. Learn your footprint and join the millions of people around the world who have started demanding products Made In A Free World.

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Common Dreams Haiti

In “Common Dreams”, Justin Dillon brings actor and musician, Common, to Haiti to learn of a hardened practice rooted deep within the culture. Common meets the children trapped in slavery, their ‘guardians’, and a team of dedicated activists determined to provide them with a better life. His team helps convince a family to give a little girl what she so desperately wants - the chance to go to school and dream of a better future.


    Broadcast to 240
    million homes

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Call + Response

Our CEO, Justin Dillon, directed the film "CALL+RESPONSE" and released it nationally into theaters. The film has become one of the most important devices in spurring the modern-day abolitionist movement and has been screened in every kind of room imaginable, from the the Linwood Dunn Academy Theater in Los Angeles, to nightclubs in Bangkok. The film features Grammy winning artists, politicians, journalists, celebrities and activists heralding the call for the end of slavery.

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i’m with lincoln

The I’m With Lincoln Campaign is aimed to convince Congress to make ending slavery a priority. The I’m With Lincoln video highlighted the startling fact that 150 years after Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation, the number of slaves in the world is greater than ever before. The US Government spends more money managing wild burros than it does to protect people from slavery. This issue of slavery is simply not a priority. This provocative film was directed by Noam Murro and creative director Jamie Barrett. Help spread the message by sharing with your friends. WARNING: PG-13 Material